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Collaboration platform


The AWARO® collaboration platform is a web-based cooperation platform for cross-company and cross-organizational collaboration.

As a central communication and documentation platform, AWARO® organizes and structures project-related collaboration across company boundaries via the Internet. Instead of communication chaos via e-mail and improvisation, AWARO® ensures reliable communication, active information management and guaranteed transparency.

All users can access the information to which they are authorized anywhere. Information is always provided on a controlled basis. Quality requirements in document management and systematic task tracking mean that AWARO® provides the ideal conditions for managing your project more effectively!

The collaboration platform is therefore the ideal addition to classic project management tools which focus solely on the project planning and not on its execution.

More targeted management Problem-free cooperation
Targeted and efficient management through the bundling of all project processes at a central point
Early detection of issues and risks thanks to guaranteed transparency
The right decisions based on complete and bundled information
Rapid project initialization thanks to the harmonization and standardization of structures
Secure and traceable communication without e-mail chaos.
Avoidance of errors and delays thanks to targeted finding and constant access to up-to-date information
Effortless integration of new project participants associated with short induction times
Seamless documentation is created automatically
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