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Due diligence data room


Our complete package of data room and service produces smooth transaction handling and therefore facilitates faster investment decisions.

AWARO® is a secure, virtual data room for efficient due diligence checks on real estate transactions. You can provide purchasers, prospective clients or auditors with all of the documents required for your transaction conveniently and securely online.

The setup of the data room is fast and straightforward, thanks to its intuitive interface. All tasks, such as the creation or modification of access rights, can be carried out in just a few steps. Individual language settings facilitate problem-free use even in international settings. They key processes of a due diligence, such as the structured answering of investors' questions ("Q&A process") are supported directly by the system.

Of course, we satisfy the highest security standards and guarantee the confidentiality of the information.

In order to safeguard success, we not only provide the technology, but we provide comprehensive support for it too. We offer you a customized, complete package that not only includes the operation of the data room, but also the digitization, preparation and structuring of your information as well as flexible analyses.

More successful transactions Faster execution
Reach investors worldwide and optimize the purchase price as a result
Achieve time and cost savings, since information is available to prospective buyers at any time and in parallel. There are no travel costs
Traceability of all accesses creates transparency and allows analyses.
Efficient and straightforward due diligence process. Less effort required for setup, clear user guidance, pre-prepared configurations and processes
Guaranteed identical information status for all prospective buyers.
Effortless updates to the database information, also during the open bidding phase.
Rapid orientation and targeted finding of relevant information.
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