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Data Protection Declaration

We comply with the applicable legal requirements pertaining to the protection of personal data and data security.

Data Protection Declaration

This Data Protection Declaration applies to the use of the AWARO® websites provided by AirITSystems GmbH. This Data Protection Declaration does not apply to the websites of other service providers to which the AWARO® websites merely make reference via a link, nor to the use of the AWARO.NET® application platform.

Automatic collection, processing and use of personal data

Each time you visit any AWARO® website, we automatically collect information on your computer's assigned IP address, which browser and operating system you are using and which websites you have viewed. This data is stored in log files on the web server. Only the IP address represents personal data. To protect our computer systems from misuse, we need to record the IP address of each visitor temporarily. If we also use the log files to create usage profiles, or for the purposes of advertising, market research or the demand-led design of our websites, the IP addresses are anonymized first. Otherwise the IP addresses are deleted from the log files. Consequently, even when your IP address is automatically recorded and stored temporarily, your identity remains unknown.

The rapid pace of development of the Internet and the changes to legislation in the domain of data protection make it necessary for us to adapt our Data Protection Declaration from time to time to reflect the new requirements. Please therefore consult the latest Data Protection Declaration. This Data Protection Declaration was last updated on April 27, 2011.

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